How Tutoring Works



You may be wondering…

“How does my child transform from a struggling reader into someone who enjoys and excels at reading?”

In the Reading Intervention Tutoring Program, students master phonics, vocabulary, fluency, spelling, and comprehension. Emphasis is on overcoming the particular areas in which your child struggles. This method is unique in that it is tailored for each child, focusing on the student rather than on the program.

The tutor will identify areas in need of instruction by administering an assessment to the student. The tutor will then create an intervention plan tailored for the student based on the assessment results.

During tutoring sessions, we don’t just learn, we laugh! Students become lifelong learners when learning is fun.

“Will my child with dyslexia ever become a strong reader?”

Yes! This method is highly effective for students with dyslexia. Phonemic awareness (hearing and manipulating the smallest units of sound) is a critical skill needed in order to read. Students with dyslexia need proper instruction to develop this phonemic awareness in order to succeed as readers.

This individualized and personalized instruction is centered around the child and his or her needs to provide an optimal learning experience and subject mastery. Best of all, we make learning fun, which helps your child develop not just skills but also a desire to continue reading throughout life.

“How long will it take to close the gap?”

Every child learns at a different pace. Reading Interventionist Tutors are able to close the reading gap much more quickly than other systems, because they do not waste time on material the student already mastered. One-on-one tutoring using this method is the fastest way to close the gap because the tutor moves the child through the material as quickly as the child is able to progress.

“Can learning via Skype be a highly effective and personalized learning experience?”

Parents love the program because of the convenience it offers, as the tutor works with the student directly via online private lessons / Skype and screen sharing. Students and teachers see and hear each other in live time. The tutor can share her screen with the student as a digital whiteboard.

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